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  • 5.8.13 — From Archives
    From The Archives: We Made A Smoking Pipe.

    Back in 2009, Team DFC created it's trippy "Winter Of Love" collection of design objects. The Magic Mushroom Smoking Pipe was part of the Alice In Wonderland inspired collection. The photo is by awesomely talented Marco Ovando. 

  • 8.6.13 — From Archives
    We Made A Mural!

    Team DFC's "Everland" photo-mural is a collaboration with Mexican photographer, David Franco. The work was shot as a single studio tableau, and is an homage to the imagination of Michael Jackson. It is available directly from Brooklyn's excellent Flavor Paper (info@flavorpaper.com)

  • 1.11.11 — From Archives
    We Made Wrapping Paper

    When DFC’s flagship Mexico City store opened in November, 2011, this is the cruelty-free animal print paper we created to hand wrap all store purchases . . . with a fetish flourish—all purchases are hand-tied with raw leather!

  • 1.8.09 — From Archives
    We Made a Children’s Book

    As part of Team DFC’s 2009 “Winter of Love” collection, we worked with artist Nathan Fox to create a not-quite-for-children’s coloring book! Here is the page where the protagonists get invited to the Winter of Love party in the Magic Forest!