1. 1. What is DFC?

    DFC is a Mexico City based luxury design label that creates post-modern design objects with the highest level of Mexican artisans. DFC designs combine a romanticized vision of Pre-Columbian life and design with references to contemporary and modern art, pop culture, sex, science fiction, and modern savagery. “DFC” stands for D istrito F ederal C asa—Distrito Federal is the official name for Mexico City (where DFC began in 2005 and is still based,) and casa means “home” in Spanish!

  2. 2. How are DFC designs created?

    Team DFC has traveled Mexico’s cities and small towns extensively to source both materials and the most talented Mexican artisans, many of whose families have worked for generations in similar techniques. DFC prides itself on preserving and promoting the work of Mexican artisans. All DFC designs are fair trade produced, and we are proud to support and promote the work of the artisans we work with.

  3. 3. Where are DFC designs made?

    All DFC designs are 100% hand made in Mexico. We work with artisan teams as far afield as Oaxaca, Morelia, the Sonora Desert, and many of the small towns that surround the metropolis of Mexico City. In 2012, DFC opened its own dedicated ceramic facility outside of Cuernavaca, where we produce the bulk of DFC ceramics to the highest standards with a team of skilled artisans specialized in producing DFC’s challenging designs. DFC is thrilled to be a part of a new era in Mexican design while also working to preserve techniques and skills that often date back milennia.

  4. 4. What does Fair Trade mean to DFC?

    For Team DFC, fair trade practides are core to what we do. For us, that means:
    1. All artisans and workers are paid fairly, treated as hugely skilled equals, and supported both within and without the work process. We know all of our artisans personally, trust them implicitly, and as a company also strive to supprot their own dreams and future work plans, as well as their families whenever necessary.
    2. DFC does not employ children, and does not work with faceless factories, nor with businesses who cannot prove to us clean and safe work environments and non-abusive and properly-compensated work practices.
    3. DFC pays its artisans at rates equal to or above industry national standards, and strives to raise awareness of skilled and specialized artisanal techniques.
    4. Because DFC produces and sells its own designs, middle men are cut out. That means our artisans are directly paid the maximum possible for the designs they create for us.
    5. Team DFC believes in keeping production as local as possible to further reduce waste, to guarantee we are aware of work conditions for all of our artisans, and also use wherever possible local materials. Most DFC designs are created within a 2 hour radius of our Mexico City studio.

  1. 5. Where do DFC designs ship from?

    All DFC designs ship from our Mexico City studio. All DFC designs are checked for quallity and packed by members of our own team. We do not out-source packing, quality control, storage, or other services.

  2. 6. Availability of DFC designs

    If a design is available on our website, it can ship immediately. Please allow 3 days to process your order. For custom or special orders, Team DFC will advise you by email of expected delivery times. You can also always contact Team DFC with any questions at info@totaldfc.com. DFC’s website, totaldfc.com, stocks a curated selection of DFC designs that are normally always available. DFC’s flagship store in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma stocks a more extensive range of DFC designs, as well as oneoffs, limited editions, and other special projects not available on the website.

  3. 7. DFC stores

    DFC’s flagship store opened in 2011 in Mexico City’s chic Colonia Roma (Colima 124D, between Cordoba and Merida.) Because our flagship store is also our laboratory, you will find many more DFC designs than are currently available online. Our flagship store also offers custom production, hand repair and care advice for all DFC designs, interior design service and consultancy, and editorial and other loans for magazine and blog shoots, fashion and advertising shoots, and film props and production.