Mauricio Paniagua was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1969.


Tony Moxham was born in Sydney, Australia in 1971.


Both moved to New York City in the early 1990’s.


In New York, Tony became art director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, with freelance clients like Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Deitch Projects gallery.


Mauricio worked as a fine artist and head hunter for some of New York's finest hotels and restaurants.


Like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton before them, they thought moving south to Mexico would be rad.


They set up life in Mexico City which, prior to Spanish invasion, was the Aztec island metropolis of Tenochtitlan!


Factoid: Mexico City's last remaining natural waterways are still home to Mexico's most famous endangered animal, the cutely pre-historic Axolotl.


DFC works locally — all DFC designs are 100% Mexican made and created in collaboration with the highest level of Mexican artisans and artists, personally sourced by Tony and Mauricio.


Team DFC strives to achieve a modern mix of sexy and savage in our designs—much like this photograph of Ms. Raquel Welch by Mr. Helmut Newton.


DFC's extended family of ridiculously talented artisans creates each DFC design by hand for each of our clients.


Each DFC artisan has their own specialty. DFC artisans often preserve traditions dating back generations in the same family.


That said, DFC does not view the work of artisans as something static in history—DFC sees technology and the willingness to embrace it as smart. Many DFC designs combine new tchnologies with old skills and inspirations ranging from Maya blood letting rituals to modern Mexican soap operas.


DFC opened its own dedicated ceramic atelier in 2012 outside of Cuernavaca, in the same small town where Disney created many of its own iconic mid twentieth century ceramics!


Our attention to detail at DFC's ceramic atelier also makes us a popular choice for fine art ceramic production and ceramic editions, and production for designers, architects, and interior designers.


DFC designs are always fair-trade made—we consider our artisans friends & extended family. At DFC, it's only a sweatshop when we dance!


DFC's flagship store and laboratory opened in Mexico City's chic Colonia Roma in 2011.


Every DFC design is proudly hand made in Mexico.

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